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    Hey Meaders,

    with the really low temps through this latest polar vortex blast, I set some jugs out to cool before drinking. surprisingly, what I thought was done-and-ready-to-drink mead further separated significantly.

    the clarity didn't change that much; the flavor didn't change that much; BUT the smoothness (mouthfeel?) was significant; and it did have less "yeastiness" to it. win win win.

    so what do I have? some questions on cold crashing for one thing.

    - can a cold crash alone be used to prepare mead for bottling?

    - what is principle factor in cold crashing, is the yeast "freezing to death" or does liquid density change suspension traits?

    - what temps constitute "cold" in cold crash? my fridge cleary ain't cold enough as I had crashed these at the 40 deg.

    - how long can a cold crash take? my mead was outside with temps near 0 deg for a few nights.

    - will a cold crash separate the liquid further, rendering alcohol from it?

    Thanks People for any advice, input, discussion.

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    Density is the reason. Won't change alcohol unless you freeze distill it. Cold is what you make it. Colder = more clarity.
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