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    Default making my first batch

    Hi I have been given 5lbs of fresh unpasturised honey from a friend who is a bee keeper. I am planning on making 2 x 4.5lt batches one with 3lbs honey which will be semi sweet (on the dryer side) and another with 2lbs of honey and the addition of 0.5kg of raisins which will I am hoping be drys. If I didn't add the raisins according to the calculator on the gotmead website I would only get around 9%ABV My question is, when should I add and remove the raisins?

    My thinking is that I will add the raisins to the must and then remove after the first fermentation when I syphon it to my carboy.

    What do you reckon? Will the addition of raisins do the job?

    Thanks in advance


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    Raisins do nothing in a ferment. What were you thinking they would do?
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    I was looking at how to increase the sugar content given that I only have 2lbs of honey for the second batch, on the calculator on this site, it says under raisins added sugar and it raised the ABV if I increased the quantity of raisins, also I am told they add body to the mead makes it taste a bit sherryesque if that is such a word.

    Am I wrong?

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    Welcome ob1,
    Honestly, I'd either obtain another lb or 2 of honey to make sure you have enough to hit your target SG to start, or just make the one mead. That will be far easier than guessing on sugar content of the raisins. It's always good to have a little extra of everything when making mead.

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