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    Default Followed the recipe!

    I followed Joe's Ancient Orange, Clove and Cinnamon Mead recipe. Put the balloon on it & stuck it in the cabinet. The balloon is standing straight up. That is a good sign. My question is this:
    Is there supposed to be a layer of honey along the bottom? I shook the jug like you wouldn't believe.

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    Hello - The balloon standing up would tell me that you at least have some gas releasing from the must - usually a good sign. You may want to check again with using the balloon, but I thought you should have at least a pin hole in it (if you don't already). You should not have honey along the bottom. All of the honey really should be thoroughly dispersed within the water to the point where there is no honey settling out at the bottom before you pitch the yeast.

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    Oh, okay. Thank you for the response.
    Is it possible to shake it some more? Don't want it blowing up on me if I shake it...
    Next time I think I will warm the honey in a pan with water to dissolve it. The balloon was pricked with a needle. This is my first time making any type of alcohol. Definitely a learning experience.

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    Wait! I have a few craft sticks out in the garage. Maybe I can use one of them to stir it.
    Even if it fails, it is still a success if you learn from it.

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    Stir it up and you will be fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Squatchy View Post
    Stir it up and you will be fine.
    Warming it up a little in the sink. Then I will stir it up. Thanks!

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