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    I'm trying to make some Strawberry Mead, ingredients are as follows for 1 gallon;

    2.5 lbs fresh frozen Strawberries
    36oz clover honey
    Red Star Premier Curvee yeast
    1tsp Fermax
    1/2 tsp Pectic Enzyme

    All of the recipe's I found say to leave this in the Primary for 7 days then rack to a Secondary. I thought it should stay in the Primary until the bubbles in the airlock slowed down to 1 or 2 a minute.

    So, just curious with anyone else's experience. Am I way off on my thought? I'm just looking for something drinkable to start with, dry or sweet doesn't matter.



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    Since you didn't mention it, I'd make sure you follow good rehydration and nutrient protocol to start. I'd also make sure you're aerating well 2x/day for the 1st 3 days - with O2 if you can.

    My understanding is that the SG should be your guide. Assuming your must is already in an airlocked container, I'd just let it go for at least few days after fermentation stops (2 identical SG readings in a row - different days - is a good indicator), and make sure you rouse the lees once a day during this time frame. From there, you can rack to secondary after you let it settle for 2+ days (cold-crash if you can), and make sure you stabilize (K-meta and K-sorb).

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    Thanks for the reply 4give, I'll keep a check on the SG to make sure whats happening.


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