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    Default Slow fermentation and nutrients

    The fermentation temperature of my mead is ~17C. I find it difficult to regulate, but these readings suit me and airlock is working. But after 10 days, the gravity dropped by only 20%, and the nutrients inside have been around for a long time.

    Now my question is: are there any nutrient loading algorithms not relative to time (24-48-72h), but relative to SG?

    ps excuse me my english, this is also the reason that i can't listen to the gotmead live(

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    The reason we spread the feedings out over time is in part to not cause temperature spikes or excessive overgrowth in a particular small window of time. As long as you get them in by the 1/3rd sugar break, you will be ok. I would avoid feeding everything up front though.

    You could go beyond the 1/3rd if you had to as long as you get it in before 6% ABV. Yeast stops eating around 9% for inorganic and 10% ABV for organic nitrogen. So you want to get it in early enough that they will eat it all before the stop assimilating it
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