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    Default Brother Adam and specific gravity


    Pretty new to making mead... first batch is well on its way and looking okay.
    I started exploring a bit more to be able to start a second batch and came across “the art of making mead” by brother Adam. He discusses the proportion of honey to water and provides a table with specific gravity for different honey/gall concentrations. However the numbers he gives are a lot different from the other specific gravity numbers I found in for example Ken Schramm’s book.
    Brother Adam’s table says 3lb of honey per gallon will give a specific gravity of 1.075 before adding yeast. While most numbers I find elsewhere are around 1.105.
    Can anyone explain this as I would like to try some of his recipes especially his sparkling mead...


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    I’d have to review the reference, but if you are adding 3 pounds + 1 gallon of water, (with a total volume of about 1.25 gal) you’ll be close to that and with some honey, you might hit that exactly.

    If you are adding 3 pounds plus enough water to make a gallon, you’ll be close to 1.105.

    This Thread on Brother Adam is worth checking.
    He was recommending 1.25 Kg added to 5L water which would give a gravity a bit below 1.080.
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