OK, here's the next idea: Section Managers.

We've got several sections that need managing, including:

- the Calendar
- links
- history
- articles
- MeadHQ (needs a total rewrite)
- the AMA newsletter (new)

What I mean by managing is this:

You handle a section, getting new info, googling for new links, etc. I get the final decision, but many of you know my site better than I do, and what I like. Stay on topic in the section, and help it grow.

As far as MeadHQ, I've got a download of all the pages, but he did it in, I think, ASP. I can zip those pages and send them along. So, it needs organizing and re-writing. I can provide a page template.

The AMA newsletter I have a copy of most of the issues, and thought about PDFing the pages for display. I spoke with the former head(s), and they've no problem with them going up.

I also need someone to help with inputting the recipes from the flat files they exist in now into the recipe database, once it gets re-programmed to be like mead. To see what it looks like now (I'm working on it), go to http://www.gotmead.com/cyberbrau/index.php .

Nope, no pay for this, just the joy of knowing you're helping to expand the largest mead site on the internet.