Hi Nashville Wine/Mead makers,

Was hoping to meet some makers of mead
from the Nashville Area. I've been making
Meads for about 1.5 years now and have
several in the bottle.

Blueberry Melomel
Blueberry Sack Cyser
Orange Melomel
Peach Melomel

I also have a Chocolate-Rasberry in bulk aging Due
to be bottles in the near future. Of the four in bottles
I'm happy with three and hopeful the 4th will improve.

In particular I'm interested in having a Mead tasting
with other makers of wines and especially meads/cysers.
I'd like feedback on my results as well as tasting
some results by others. Especially looking for people
with some experience judging said meads who could
teach the attendees (me) just a little about the process.

With the possible exception of an experience competition
judge, I'm looking for people that will contribute to the
list of home wines being tasted.

My rough goal is to host this gathering in late January
(the 24th maybe), or when the Meadwench hits town
between now and March 1. Hoping to have a firm date
by the end of the week.

John Doerter