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    Maybe it's just me, but each time I visit Gotmead.com, there's no one in the chatroom, which I consider wrong on so many different levels. Given this, I'm starting up a chat for Monday 9/6 at 9:00pn EST.

    We'll decide then what we'll talk about.


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    I've noticed several times that I'll see somebody in chat, but they're gone before I get there. I just assumed it was my deoderant . Ironically enough, this happened just today when I saw you in the chatroom after I finished a post. I logged in and you were gone.

    I think the problem is that there's no way for the chat to notify you of a reply if you're not watching the screen. If you're reading the board, you'll never know someone is typing to you, they'll get frustrated and leave before you get back to the chat screeen.

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    Actually, it is your deodorant (or complete lack thereof).

    I think that by setting playdates in the chatroom, we'll get a number of people in it, rather than just logging in and hoping someone else is there.


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    True. Hope y'all have fun in the chat room while I'm at work Yet another conspiracy against me

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    I have found it effective to use IM to get the other persons attention to meet someone in the chat room. Sometimes I am in but am looking at a forum post so my popup window is not visible. It seems to be working pretty good except for the problem of getting the other persons attention as you mentioned. But of course, IM (Instant Message) can sove that problem.

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    Just thought I would mention something I noticed. It seems that if you log in and then turn off the window using the x at the top right of the window, your name stays displayed under "who's on" at the bottom of the forum main page. The only way to take your name off is by clicking Log Out on the chat pop up window.

    This is why sometimes it looks like people are on and then you go in and discover they arn't. You didn't just miss them like you may think.

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    Yup! Found the same thing after chasing that Joe Mattioli dude around a few times!

    Just kidding Joe!

    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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