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Thread: Blow-by-blow, batch-by-batch forum

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    Default Blow-by-blow, batch-by-batch forum

    Just a thought...

    I started a batch on October 1st. It's my first. I am excited and wish to have the opportunity to post observations and ask questions as related to this batch and each batch I make in the future. Both as a way of socializing (providing progress updates and communicating new projects) and as a way of gaining answers and expert input. I see posts like this in different forums...

    Maybe it would be acceptable to have a forum where each thread is related to a particular batch that a user has in process? Just a thought...

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    Hi Pewter!

    You got it! The BrewLog is going on now!

    Vicky - currently in Charleston and jonesing for shrimp and grits

    Vicky Rowe
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