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Thread: Gonna be judging at MeadFest!!!!

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    Default Re: Gonna be judging at MeadFest!!!!

    Vicky - studying, and working on which talks I need to attend most
    Here's the line up:

    Beginning Mead Making (Gary Glass, AHA)
    Advanced Mead Making (Ken Schramm)
    Mead Making as a Business (Panel discussion with meadery owners fielding questions)

    Back to your participation on the mead judging panel, yeah, study hard but don't forget the most important part of all . . . tasting! It'd be a good idea to line up a whole bunch of meads, taste, make notes, taste some more. Yup, studying is such a grind.

    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Default Re: Gonna be judging at MeadFest!!!!

    ::LOL:: Yeah, it sucks to be the judge! I'm really looking forward to it. Can I take a copy of my notes with me when we're done so I can do extensive reviews of the various meads for the site? I wasn't sure about that, and was wondering if that would be allowed (although I plan to attend the tasting too). I thought about bringing my digital voice recorder for faster note taking....

    I'm also wishing I took shorthand so I could get good notes on all the talks. My writing has never been all that great, sometimes *I* can't even read it! I wonder if my recorder will let me get that much......

    ::sigh:: So many opportunities, and so little time to get it all down...

    Vicky - sitting in the Nashville airport for 4 hours waiting for her tech guys to arrive and get the rental car

    Vicky Rowe
    Owner & Webmistress, Gotmead.com
    Executive Director, American Mead Makers Association
    Making Mead since 1995

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    Default Re: Gonna be judging at MeadFest!!!!

    Hey! The IMA sounds like a good idea. I hope it will answer many of the questions that mazers have which have been answered for other areas such as for beer and wine makers. I look forward to hearing all about the innaugural meeting and what comes of it.

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