Hi y'all,

I have a supply of 53 gallon American Oak brandy barrels available for sale, through a friend of mine.

They're located in the 64098 zip code, in Weston, MO, and I'll be selling them through Pirtle Winery and Scott Pirtle.

The cost is $70 per barrel, plus shipping. They weigh about 125 lbs., and will have to be either picked up, or shipped freight. I checked frieght costs via common carrier, and shipping will be in the vicinity of $85.00-150.00. This is a *very* rough estimate, and you'd want to check with various carriers to see what sort of shipping you could get, but thats the deal. Frankly, if you want one, and live within a couple hundred miles, I'd consider driving over to get one yourself. It would be cheaper from what it looks like....

I checked pricing on other barrels, and they seem to run over $200 for one this size, usually before shipping.

If you're interested, email me privately, and I'll hook you up.

Vicky - working on a billiards site and learning Dreamweaver on the fly