OK, all y'all here in the Carolinas (and VA), I met with the new owner of American Brewmaster today. For those of you that don't know, I've been a friend of Mike, who has run the shop since it opened. Mike is now retiring, and one of his regular customers, Mark Cook, has bought in, and is gradually working with Mike to become sole owner.

Mark and I talked for a while today, and he indicated that a number of mead makers have come in with questions. He is primarily a beer dude, and wished he could help the mead folk better. I floated the idea of a meadmaking seminar (or seminars) at the shop, and he thinks that would be fun.

So, here's the deal: I'll organize the thing, but I'd really like to have 2-3 people that will help me make the meads, choose some recipes to distribute, and discuss the ins and outs of meadmaking. I know a fair amount, but I've no illusion that I am ahead of y'all, especially since Gotmead takes up so much of my meadmaking time (LOL).

So, is there any interest in this? And can you help me reach the mead makers you know in our area that *aren't* on Gotmead?

Lemme know,