As a disclaimer, I did use the search function and I think I answered my own question using it

However, for peace of mind, I wanted to run by what I was thinking, incase my thought process is seriously skewed.

We recently created several 1 gallon batches of plain mead, and a couple cysers. The cysers are bubbling along merrily. The Mead, on the other hand, have not stirred. I am pretty sure that the SG is way too high to give the yeast a chance to start. Therefor, I am going to combine the two 1 gallons into a 5 gallon carboy and dilute so I can get the SG down to 1.12-1.13.

Here is my recipe for both. Please let me know if what I am doing is right, wrong, or wether I should go back to making beer. Also, in one batch I used EC-1118, and the other D-47. As a understand it, I should not have a problem with the two yeasts killing eachother, correct?

1/2 gallon clover honey
1/2 gallon tap water
a wee pinch of Jay's Acid Blend (Woohoo Jay's Brewing in Fairfax, VA!!)
fistfull of raisins.

I heated the water to 150, dissolved the honey, cooled the must, siphoned into a carboy, cooled, pitched the yeast, let 'er roll. SG was off the I figured something around 1.18-1.19.

Again, any advice. suggestions, badgering, or other verbal abuse is more than welcome!