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Thread: Mynx's Brewery

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    Default Mynx's Brewery

    Well, I have no mead going at the moment (!!! A travesty I know!!) But I do have a picture of my latest batch of stout.

    Note: This is what made me realize that my cat (Nigel) is fat

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    Default Re: Mynx's Brewery

    Wow, I've never seen a fermentation vessel with a fur coat! LOL

    Minxie, that cat is HUGE! Gaaak, I'm crackin' up!


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    He's on a diet too!!! I just cant make him get skinnier

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    Your stout looks beautiful! Your cat looks bountiful! We've had several fat cats. I'd like to build a large, enclosed and motorized mouse wheel-type thing, with a timer, that people could put their fatso felines in and set for, say, five or ten minutes at a time. Then it would spin at a moderate but steady pace, and the cats would have to walk to keep up with it. It'd give kitty a non-strenuous workout that would burn calories if used on a daily basis. I could do infomercials with this, and get, I dunno, Garfield or some other washed-up feline star (Julie Newmar?) to hawk it.

    I'm afraid your cat, like mine, needs to be on a "lite mead" diet.


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    That's it!! He's not fat! He's bountiful!

    And the funny thing is, Nigel (the cat) is a bit of a spaz, so he actually spends alot of time racing around the house at high speeds, yowling. You'd *think* that'd burn some calories!!

    The stout is a beautiful one. So tasty. Not bad for only my second batch

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    My Fuzz ball of a cat got like that to so i got him a tabby friend to chase and started feeding a top notch food like wysong or inova a 1/4 c twice daily he bitched endless ly but the combo helped him trim down some.. hes not a lean cat by any means hes just a solid orange tom but i'd like to keep him around for a good while longer and he's much happier now that he can jump and run and tear ass like the kitten he used to be.
    He sounds liek hes got the energy just try the often feedings of quality food for a while.. they dont need much ! adjust as you see changes in the ole boy...

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    Both he and my other cat (malcholm) are on a diet of Iams Indoor fat cat food. PRoblem is, Nigel snarffles up what malcholm leaves

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    Hi Mynx,
    Cute cat . When I put Cheyenne on a diet, she would wait for me at the gate when I got home from work and walk away when I'd go to pet her . She kept this up until I bribed her with 1 red apple. She is down to 140 lbs. Besides, Nigel isn't fat, he's crouching

    Have fun

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    Default Re: Mynx's Brewery

    When seeking out a high quality diet cat food for our tubby tabbies, I found a "senior active" formula. The clerk asked what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for either a "senior sedentary" or "old, fat, and lazy" formula.

    Our tabbies are very much the same general shape as Nigel. Our black and white "tuxedo" cat is perfectly trim. I seriously wonder if the tabbies are somewhat prone to the "love handles"

    David Baldwin
    Michigan Meadery LLC


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    That might be David. My other cat is a champagne tabby, and while he is a monster, he's not fat. He's just a big damn cat. I think Nigel's "bounty" is more a byproduct of being an indoor cat than anything. That and having a hoover vacuum in his ancestry!

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