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Thread: Blueberry Melomel

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    Here is my Blueberry Melomel

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Looks nice Toolbox. I realy like the label. Do you make your labels at home?


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    Very, very pretty. Makes me salivate. Nice work.


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    Yes I just made the labels with the Corel Word Perfect program, the pic of Thors Hammer is a Tattoo design I had on the puter

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    Very pretty. Love the Thor's hammer. You should call it Mjollnir Mead.

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    Man I like that color. Just waiting for my blueberry bushes to survive the rabbits long enough one year to give me enough berries to a mel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norskersword
    Very pretty. Love the Thor's hammer. You should call it Mjollnir Mead.
    Is that Norse for blueberry? I like it may use it for the next batch, The Labels came out great for the Ancient Orange and the Cyser I will post them as soon as I bottle

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    Actually Mjollnir (Ma-yol-neer) is the name of Thor's hammer. Because in the myths, everything has a name, even the weapons! Like Odin's spear is called Gungnir.

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    Thanks Norskerword, I was trying to remember what you wrote and tell my grandmother she was born in Sweeden. She was telling me how to write Blueberry ... lol... with the little dots above the letters...Have a great day

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    My great grandmother use to say, "Swedes are ornary!"

    Swedes and Norwegians have been giving each other a hard time for hundreds of years. When I found out you were Sweedish, I couldn't resist!

    The quote I told you is from an old Norwegian song. Norwegians are constantly saying it to Swedes to give them a hard time. To wich the Swede will usually reply with something like, "That's because he smelled so bad."

    By the way, in case you or anybody was wondering, my forum name was meant to be "Norsker (Norwegian) Sword"

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    By the way, how did your blueberry melomel turn out? I was planning to do one pretty soon. What was you're recipe?

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    Yes, I'd love to know your recipe as well. I just went to a local PYO blueberry farm and snagged a few pounds. However, as of later today, they will all be gone. Luckily the late varieties should be producing for another 3 weeks or so and I'm DEFINITELY saving some for mead this time.

    PS - I recommend PYO to everyone. I normally can't afford to eat one of my favorite fruits since a pint of blueberries runs $4-5, but for a little (enjoyable) effort I'm getting locally grown, organic and super-fresh for $1.50/lb!

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    I'll have to get back to ya'll with the recipe, it was dry but the blueberry flavor was nice, I think I will add more honey next time to make it semi sweet. from memory I used 3 pounds of frozen blueberries, and 2 pounds of honey will definatly use 3 pounds in the primary next time and then maybe add another pound in the secondary I did use pastuer champagne yeast next time I'll go with the cote de blanc yeast so it will end up with a tad bit of honey sweetness

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