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    I have a peach mel that was pitched on 8/6/05. I have made very few melomels with light fruit so, I am not in the practiced of adding tannin. Giving it some thought however, I immagine the lighter fruit mead could benefit from the addition of tannin. I did not think to add any when adding nutrients. Is there any harm in adding it now? Is it better to wait until post fermentation like with acid?


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    Tannin additions are better up front. They integrate better into the wine/mead and they help clear. I always add up front (or at least before the end of primary fermentation). I'm not sure how well it would do adding it after ferment.


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    It's best to add at the start of the fermentation. The tannin will bind with the colloidal material in the honey must and help clear it.

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    I am 2 days in to primary fermentation. Is there any harm in adding it now?


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    You'll be fine.

    Mix it into some sterile H2O and add it in as you aerate. As Dan mentioned up-front tannin helps to clear the mead, and also adds complexity, softens the end product, and adds to middle palate appeal.

    What type of tannin are you adding?


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Thank you. Not in the lab right now, but if memory serves me correctly it is grape tannin. It is a brownish, purplish colored powder.


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