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    i have noticed that some of the members use raisins inplace of yeast nutrients,
    my question is how dose this effect teh taste of the mead or do all the yeassties take all the rasin favor with them?



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    There is a slight raisin note in the mead, but you must be aware that dates and dry cherries are also suitable nutrients. In the case of cherries, the taste imparted by them is very subtle. I used cherries in 2 of my meads with very good results.

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    To expand a little on what BB said, raisins give the mead a little broader mouthfeel, but add a somewhat vinous flavor, almost a slightly spice slighly acidic character. I like raisins and have used them on and off in my meads, but it seems in the past couple of years that my tastes have changed somewhat. Also the regular raisins color your mead a bit darker, and there are some folks on the forums here who use the white or red raisins.

    At this point I prefer dried cherries, currants, blueberries and cranberries to raisins. If' I'm going to make a "natural" mead using other fruit in the primary as nutrient, I prefer to use one that will positively influence the flavor of my end product to something that I prefer over the character imparted by raisins.

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    thanks for the info guys


    PS: Oskaar one of my friends who brews beer jsut read your responce & was instantly impresed with your knowlage of the more technical aspects of how ingreadents alterd the final product.

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