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    Again I am looking for easy and new ways to make a different type of mead. Those who have read my posts know I am making apple pie mead ( been going for 1 yr 4 months) I have posted the use of 3 differnt types of cherry juice and honey, the urge to try peanutbutter mead and in the future i plan to try flavours that no one has thought of b4.
    The problem with the applepie mead is I think I used too many cinnamon sticks....this time I opted for apple butter which is in essence just honey apples and spices already blended.....has anyone else tried this?

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    I just started a spiced Cyser. Not exactly what you are talking about, but maybe a similar result. We used a mulled cider we like and used ThirstyViking's easy cyser recipe. It is only about 2 weeks old and still fermenting like mad. I will post the results, when it is finished. Too bad we can't post samples!

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    "Too bad we can't post samples!"

    Yes, yes, and no...

    Yes, it would be wonderful to taste all of the wonderful concoctions people are making!!! Yes, the website would suddenly become the most visited one on the web. No, the number of visits/posts from those really interested in the fine art of mead making would be overwhelmed by those merely interested in the not-so-fine art of massive alcohol consumption...

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