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Thread: Welcome to NewBees

  1. Default Welcome to NewBees

    Mead Making is easy and a lot of fun. The hardest part about the process is the waiting.

    Over the Weekes to Come, I and a few other people will assemble our best suggestions for new meadmakers and try to post them here in an easily understood and accessible manner.

    The Plan is to have several topics at the top of this thread that provide an introduction and address issues that you should be aware of when first starting out. the Sticky posts will be edited in responce to questions when a lack of completeness or clarity is brought to our attention. I've never tried to compile this type of information for refrence before, I ask some patience as I learn the process.

    John the ThirstyViking

    P.S. I see the Forum is relocating to new software, this may affect us, so I'll try to save the information for reposting.

  2. Default Re: Welcome to NewBees

    I know one thing of the things I really appreciated earlier this year when I started was your simple cyser recipe!!! It never made it to bottles! One wonders if it would have improved with age!!!

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