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Thread: A whatever forum

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    I've spent a great deal of time on a brewing forum during my hiatus. They have what they call the Public House forum where people can chat about whatever, just as they would while sitting in a real pub. This offers people the chance to socialize and carry on thoughts that may not strictly adhere to one of the main topical forums.

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    Welcome back Wikdwaze. I for one missed you while you were gone. Vicky has recently made a lot of improvements here. She has been real accommodating. Maybe she can put a mead bar category or something of that sorts where we can just drink mead and shoot the bull, talk nonsense, or solve the world's problems if that be a persons persuation.

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    Howdy Wickd, welcome back!

    We keep signing Vicky up for more work! LOL. I think she likes work too much! Anyhow, I'll volunteer to help moderate that forum if the need arises. Everyone around here behaves themselves pretty well so I doubt that I'd do much as a moderator!


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    It's good to be back, feels like home.

    Might I suggest calling this open forum "The Hive"? Seems oddly appropriate for a mead site. We can see what the latest buzz is all about.

    I apologize for the pun, couldn't resist.

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