1lb clear rock candy
Vodka to one gallon.

Take as many loquats as you can harvest and a 1 gallon pickle jar that's been well cleaned.

Clean all the loquats removing the ends and any rotten or nasty parts on them. Add to the 1 gallon jar until about 1/3 to 1/2 full.
Add the rock candy.
Pour the vodka over the rock candy bringing the amount of alcohol up to the one gallon mark.
Seal and place in a dark cupboard and forget about it for full year.
If it appears that everything is looking good after one year, strain the liquid from the fruit and store it for longer if you can wait that long.

It's drinkable after a year of aging however, if you can let it sit for 7 years, it's magnivicent!

I gave my wife a taste at our first festival when we were just friends and she absolutely enjoyed it and been bugging me to make more ever since! So I made another gallon this year and will hopefully make another next year too.

It's a good thing our kids love pickles! I just buy the huge jars and we're good to go!