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    while traveling for thanksgiving i managed to find a orchard that sells cider that has not been pasteurized or perserved by chemicals. that jugs even has a nice sticker warning about the dangers of consuming unpasteurized products. i bought myself four gallons for fermenting (and a half gallon for drinking) and upon getting home got a hydrometer reading of 1.060. i put the four gallons into a primary, added three pounds of wildflower honey and put it into a chilly closet. i did not heat the cider, add sulfites nor pitch yeast. my understanding is that there should be some amount of wild yeast in alive the cider which will start to ferment. the airlock has started bubbling. today i saw about one bubble every fifteen seconds. i am hoping this will ferment all the way to dry but not sure of the tolerance of wild yeasts and such. so anyone every ferment cyser without pitching yeast?

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    Ken Schramm is his book did the same thing and was very successful but does not recommend it as it can be unpredictable. His turned out fine. Thats what they did in the old days but you can get more consistantly good batches by using more controlled modern methods and yeasts.
    Sounds like you were a litlle light on the honey and it will be a dry cyser. 3 lbs in 5 gallons will only add 24 points to the gravity. Good for a strong Cider but a little light for Cyser.

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    Yeah, wild yeast quality can vary hugely by location. It is carried in the apple skins. I've tried it side by side with commerical yeast, and I've found that my raw cider supplier's yeast is not very good.

    Try it and see what happens. It might be great, it might be nasty. I've heard that naturally fermented cider can be wonderful, you just have to find the right culture.

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    I've done it with decent results...its a craps shoot though, anything could happen.

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    yeah i was trying to keep the o.g. low. i hoped to emphasis the cider more than the honey and to end up with something pretty dry.

    i figured i would try this as a test cause the ideas of all natural fermentation intrigued me. hopefully the cider came with good tasting yeast.

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