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Thread: Wanted simi-sweet mead recipe

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    Hey guys. Does anyone a recipe for a simi-sweet mead?

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    Sure. Straight Mead Semi-aweet

    All you have to do is stop it at 1.010 instead of 1.020 and you can call it semi-sweet. Alcohol will be about 12-13% Same with a lot of the other recipes.


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    Thanks Joe I'll give that a try. Looks easy enough. I don't have K1V-1116 on hand. I do have quite a bit of EC-118, I guess I'll give that a try, and see what it does. I should get similar results.

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    Hey Uncle Ben,

    Welcome to the forum.

    I'd suggest buying the K1V-1116, the EC-1118 will be much harder to manage, and it's very aggressive so you may miss your "medium-sweet" mark.

    Joe can tell you for sure since it's his recipe.


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Thanks Oskaar. I'm heading to the brew shop tomorrow anyway. I'll see if they have any.


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