Curently drunk on Manhatan varirations. (Jameson's + Bitters in a martini glass. No Vermouth.)

Curently listening to Lighting Hopkins. If you aren't listening to him, you should be.

Ok, I'm in the process of moving out. Not sure where I'm moving to yet, but I'm desperately trying to find someone to take over my lease. When I do find someone, I want to be able to leave this apartment on a moment's notice, so over the weekend I rented a minivan and moved all my hard-to-move stuff to my parents' place. They don't mind storing my stuff because I give them free booze all the time.

So. So. SO... Moved ALL my brew equipment home. And I started a batch of mead while I was there. No point in letting it all gather dust unused. I didn't want to start anything too complicated because I'm not going to able to keep a very close eye on it.

So here it is:
--7Kg X 2.2 = 15.4lbs of honey. Mostly bee-brush/wildflower, I'm sure. It's from a local producer.

--Aprox 20L = aprox 4 gallons of water. I'm used to brewing beer, so I wanted to give it lots of head space for foam, even though I know this isn't really a problem with mead. (It's in a 7 gallon carboy at the moment.)

--one package of EC-1118 yeast.

In a little over a week (December 1st), I'll be home again, and I will rack it into a 23L = 6 gallon carboy. I'll top it up with water at that point so there will be almost no air space. At that point I will most likely add some bentonite and some potasium metabisulfite. Won't add any sorbate because I don't actually want to kill the yeast yet. It might not be done fermenting, and besides, this batch is going to be on its own--unsupervised--for a long time. Anything that helps keep the beasties at bay is a good thing, and that includes ongoing competition from an agressive strain of yeast.

So my question is this: How much sulfite should I add? The package says 25g per gallon. Now, like any good Canadian, I love the metric system. But I don't like mixed units, and I don't hapen to have a scale. So, by volume, how much should I add? Tea, or table sthingys per gallon is what I'm looking for here. I know this info is available elsewhere, but your indulgence is greatly apreciated.

Now, this basement where the mead is doing it's thing is at a pretty constant 15.5 degrees C * 9/5 + 32 = 60 degrees F (cold, yes, I know, but it's out of my hands. At least it's stable.) Dad will check the airlock for me now and again, but I don't expect it will ever dry out. My concern is simply keeping it safe while it ages--out of sight, out if mind.

Many thanks,