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Thread: Strawberry Melomel, batch 3

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    Default Strawberry Melomel, batch 3

    Here's the recipe I'm trying for my third batch, a strawberry melomel with a hint of orange.
    20# clover honey, Sams Club
    5# frozen strawberries, Sams Club
    2 medium naval oranges, cut up
    1/4 cup chopped up raisins
    4 tea bags
    Fill to a total of 6 gallons with well water.
    I started out by cleaning all the equipment with a dilute bleach solution and rinsing with boiled water. I then brought 2 gallons water, raisins, tea bags and the strawberries to a simmer in a stainless steel pot which was then used to dissolive 15 lbs of honey in the bottom of the primary. I continued to add hot water till the 5 gallon mark was reached. A sample showed that the specific gravity was only 1.08 so the rest of the honey was added which brought it above 1.110. Diluted down to 1.110 which gave a total 0f 6 gallons in the primary and dropped in the oranges. The top of the must was only 1/2 inch from the lid so after cooling and pitching the red star champange yeast I siphoned off about 1/2 a gallon and put it in two of the 5 lb honey jars. The fermation had already started and was filling the bubble trap with the must. Now I can watch the mead ferment as well count the bubbles . It's been a week so far and the specific gravity is 1.063, the flavor is still sweet but has a nice strawberry taste with a hint of citris. (I Love It So Far)
    This is the first batch I've tried without using the local HBS mead starter kit, in fact there is nothing in it except fruit, raisins and honey. For a medium sweet I was planning to stop it at around 1.02, any thoughts?. Can't wait, gave away most of batch 2 for presents trying to spread the word of mead to the world. Drink, Laugh and Love,

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    Default Re: Strawberry Melomel, batch 3

    Sounds Good Beeboy. 1.020 should be fine for a sweet mead. Recipe looks like you are going for a more natural approach. Keep us posted.

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    This sounds like a good.... simple... and non additive batch.... I would like to use it with a tweek.
    I would like to substitute the 5# of strawberry for #5 of mixed fruit.... blackberry, black raspberry, strawberry, boysenberry and raspberry. Can I do this? What would you suggest the blend be?
    Other than that... I think I would keep the rest of the recipe the same.
    Give me suggestions.

    Suzy Q, Brewmistress

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    Default Re: Strawberry Melomel, batch 3

    I don't see why it wouldn't work using a fruit mix. The black berries and raspberries might contribute a bit more sugar to the must but not enough to worry about. Boysenberries are a bit tart if I remember right, you could always ballance the tartness with a bit more honey. I would love to see the final color of the mead if you try the mix fruit, it should come out a deep shade of purple . Bet it would have a real nice flavor also. Maybe I'll try a mixed fruit for my next batch (I think I'm hooked, planning another batch before the first is out of the primary ). I just checked my strawberry mead and discovered that it has a thick 1/4" layer of floating fruit on it's surface . I don't think that it is anything to worry about but this is the first time I've seen anything like it. The SG is at 1.05 and the bubbler is poping at about 30 per minute. It's still sweet but you can just start to taste the alcohol. The fermentation has slowed down a bit because of the cold weather here in northeastern PA so I'm just trying to leave it well enough alone and let the yeasties do thier thing. I'm thinking of adding oak cubes to the secondary for a little more flavor and last time I was at the HBS I picked up a 4oz bag of medium toast. The plan is to keep the oak in the mead for 3-4 weeks then rack a second time which is when the mead will sit and age a couple of months, I'll need to bottle it by the beginning of March cause of a major move to Florida next summer. Guess I need to drop down to one gallon batches for a while till the move is over. Too many recipes, not enough time. Drink, Laugh and love, Beeboy

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