Hey, everybody. Due to the Gotmead site going down a few months ago, I was unable to login with my previous name (Redleg), but I am the same guy. For my triumphant return, I'd like to start a thread with ratings of commercial meads that are not Chaucer's or Lurgashall's.

I'll start:

1) Ambrosia by Kristy. This is a Washington State Mead that comes in a wicked-cool octagonal bottle. When I was stationed at Ft. Lewis, this was my first excursion into the world of commercial meads.

It is a nice mead with an aroma that kicks you in the nose, screaming "honey!" Out of all the bottles I've consumed, I've only had one that just wasn't right. One phone call to Kristy herself, and I had a replacement bottle delivered to my door the next day.

When I left WA, Kristy's was still available in 750 ml bottles, but they seem to have changed their format to 500 ml, retaining the same price, tho.

2) Sky Mead. Also a Washington State mead comes in a pretty neat bottle. Comes in three varieties of ranging sweetness, but all are water white.

I love this mead and find myself saving the empty bottle to breathe the aromas of honey later on. (you all know you do it, too). Huge honey aroma, but a little thin on the palate. The sweet variety is an immensely quaffable drink, perfect for summer evenings.

I'd love to see other reviews of other commercial meads, if anybody has them.