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    Alright good folks of GotMead? I have a few requests. I am in the process of writing a homebrew application. It has a working title of Home Brew Notebook or HBN. The current homepage is at, where you will find the first of the web services. Some features I would like to support include:

    * Recipe database
    * Batch journal
    * Inventory (both for individual ingredients and for finished brew)
    * Batch size conversion (easily take a 5 gal batch and have the app convert the amounts for a 1 gal, 3 gal, 10 gal batch)
    * Various tools (ABV, ABW, Metric<->US, OG estimation, etc.)
    * Web Service friendly (the original interface will be web based but I would like to expose the inner workings to web services so that clients can be written in any language that supports it)

    While I have no problem working on the backend and it’s interface to the front end (I am a programmer by trade) I have little to no visual and database design abilities. So I have 2 requests.

    1. I would like someone to design a logo and/or help advise on the ‘look’ of the web interface/client.

    2. Anyone with experience in designing databases that would be willing to give me a hand.

    Credit will be given where credit is due of course, we can discuss terms of use for the logo etc. when the time is right. If there is enough interest and logo designs I would gladly put the logos up on GM? For a vote.

    Initially the application will be very mead centric but should be applicable to other brews as well.

    This project is in the early stages but I hope to be able to progress quickly into something useable.

    Also, after looking at the list of features above if you think of anything you would like to see in such an application let me know, all suggestions will be seriously considered.

    Thanks for your time and consideration.


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    All I would need is an idea of what kind of information you'd like to store within your DB in a bit more detail and I'd be able to whip up a DB design for you. And if you have an idea about the type of DB you want to use I can also send you some prepackaged SQL, etc. I can also give you DTD documents on the relation and such too. I'm a back-end guy, can ya tell? lol

    One suggestion, also include 5 gallon batches as that is most common among many mazers, just in case they want that specifically.


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    Let me know if you need a hand, I do some front end design as well.


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    Vicky is looking at using CyberBrau to do pretty much what you're trying to design.

    Cyberbrau is beer based, so isn't really mead specific (mead only sort of fits to its design methodology), and it doesn't have the "tools" part you are proposing.

    The question I have is - is this duplicating what is out there, and if not, is it worth integrating into GotMead instead of CyberBrau? (Thats between you & Vicky of course).

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    I am aware of Cyberbrau and have even had it installed at one point. And yes I believe there will be some sort of duplication of effort but you know what, there are multiple Operating Systems, Office Suites, Models of cars, people, etc. There is no one way to do things.

    Some points about CyberBrau to note:

    Like you stated CyberBrau is very beer-centric, and while HBN will probably be very mead-centric to start, my hope is that it should be useable for beer and wine with no modification to the core program.

    CyberBrau is bloated IMO. We already have a great forum and I see no need to add that cruft. CB my have a way to not install that part I'm not sure.

    I am planning on doing web services which CB does not do. Is this a necessity for HBN or CB to be a good program probably not, but I like the idea.

    You may also notice that the last version of CB is over 2 years old and doesn't look like it is currently being maintained. They have only 3 forums with less than 200 posts total and with a couple of exceptions those forums have been dead for 6-8 months.

    Don't get me wrong, your questions are valid. I guess what I am saying is it doesn't matter to me at this point, even if I am duplicating some effort. This is something that I want to do not something I feel I have to do.

    Oh, and Vicky is more than welcome to install a copy at GM? Or she can access my copy through the web services, but lets not get ahead of ourselves. There is still a lot of work to do.

    That being said if anyone has any 'features' they would like to see in an app like this please let me know so I can add them to the TODO list. Vicky, especially you, what about CB is making it a pain in your rear end?


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