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Thread: Yeast Starters

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    I did a search for instructions on how to make a good yeast starter but haven't found much.

    Please advise as to the correct way to make a starter or maybe you remember the thread and could point me to it.

    Thanks again for your knowledge!


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    Well, I don't know if this is the best way - but what I do is pitch the yeast in a cup of warm water (not hot!) and let it sit for 5 - 10 minutes. Then I pour in a tablespoon of the yet unfermented mead (is this also known as "must"?) and let it sit another couple of minutes. Then I pitch the entire cup.

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    thank you! i also thought i read somewhere that some make it up a few days in advance.

    is that done just with water or do you use a sample must then too?

    i have only been letting my must set for about 24 hours before i add the yeast.

    so if i used the must i guess i could only make the starter that far in advance.

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    It may depend on batch size. If you're brewing a 5 gallon batch, you could let it go that long. But I make it about 10 minutes before I pitch, regarless of size (1 gal or 5 gal) with no problems. I start out with just water, then after a few minutes I add a sample of the must.

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    Charlie has you pointed in a good direction.

    Another way is to use a cup of must and pitch your yeast in there with some nutrient and let it go ape for a full day prior to pitching. This method works great when you sulfite your must prior to pitching and it needs 24 hours to clear out the sulfite. Personally I don't follow this method of sulfiting.

    Or following Charlie's example by simply rehydrating your yeast with a cup of warm water and an optional portion of must/sugar/honey mixed in is more than enough to get your yeast going prior to pitching.

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    Lalvin has some pretty specific instructions for their yeast. They'll give you exact temperatures etc at which to rehydrate, and precise time between rehydrating and pitching the yeast.

    David Baldwin
    Michigan Meadery LLC


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