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Thread: Relevant books?

  1. Default Relevant books?

    Does anyone have personal recommendations on
    pre-requisite reading for those casually dreaming
    about going pro? Surely there's some
    texts out there that describe equipment, scalability,
    marketing, gotchas, etc?


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    Vicky Rowe Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: Relevant books?

    Hi Z,

    There isn't much that goes into a lot of detail, but I'm in the process of going over a talk that Julia Hertz from Redstone Meadery gave on starting up a pro operation.

    When I get it finished, it will be posted on what will be the new website for the International Mead Association, which will shortly be up under .

    The site isn't up yet, but I'm hoping to get it loaded up in the next week or so. This is also where you can see any new developments on the IMA.

    Vicky - working as fast as my little fingers can type

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