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    I want to make a peach melomel, but instead of getting peaches for this I was thinking of getting peach nectar to use with the water and honey. Has anyone tried this? Any ideas on amount of nectar per gallon?

    Let me know what you think!!

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    The nectar is basically a juice with pulp. If you do the conversion from fluid ounces to gallons, you'll be fine. For 40oz bottles, it's something like 8 bottles for 3 gallons.

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    I haven't done it with peach (I did the fresh fruit with peaches in one batch and mangos in another) So, bottom line it took forever to clear, even with the pectinase added.

    I've done melomels with a lot of different fruit juices, nectars, etc. I just use the juice as water and top up before I pitch. If the juice is tart or needs more sweet, I'll sometimes add vanilla or castor sugar to soften the tart.


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Sorry to take so long to get back to this, but I have been a little busy as of late.

    I decided to add 24 oz of nector per gallon of product. I think that will give me a nice balance without overpowering the peach flavor. I think it will turn out well, but it will be week or so before I can get up to the brew shop to get the few things I need to get it started (mainly the yeast). I now have more projected recipes then I have completed ones. I will have to get the carboys going again so I can work my way through them.

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    I make my peach mel like a cyser. I use peach cider that I get from a peach farm in South Carolina. I use 4 gallons of peach cider to 1 gallon of honey. It makes an excellent and easy way to get a pretty good peach mel. I'm experimenting with cinnamon and other spices in seach of a peach pie mead.....

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