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    Hey everyone,
    This is my first batch of mead and the recipe I used is lacking flavour, being in the secondary carboy, would it hurt to add fruit at this point in the process?

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    Definitely add to the secondary.

    You can put the fruit in a mesh bag to make removal easier.

    Fruit in the primary integrates its flavour quicker (or better?) but can lose aroma if the fermentation is very active, hence some add things to the secondary to ensure the aroma/flavour is stronger.

    Once the mead starts to clarify, the "yeastiness" will reduce, and the flavour will change considerably.
    Also, sweetness brings out the fruit flavour, so extra fruit may be needed for a dry mead, but you may have enough fruit if you are going to sweeten the mead.

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    I just added the fruit.

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    I'm experimenting with juicing fruit then adding it to the secondary. So far, so good!

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