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Thread: Mead in the UK

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    Vicky Rowe Gotmead Visitor

    Default Mead in the UK

    Hi all,

    Well, I was just searching for a valid email for Martin Gelling, who had a thriving mead sales business going on when I was in the UK in Feb. '02. He sold me a couple cases of about 20 different meads from all over the UK. I still have most of them stashed in the Mead Vault.

    I wanted to place another order, and my search turned up this:

    Seems Martin bought a pub just after I left, and is still serving mead! I think my next trip to the UK *must* include a trip to the Dun Cow.

    If any of our UK readers can get over there, check it out, and report back, ok? Oh, and let Martin I'm wanting to get ahold of him....

    Vicky - who wishes that the schedule she had last time had allowed for meeting Martin instead of just giving him all my pounds.....

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    Vicky Rowe Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: Mead in the UK

    I also found the following places that serve mead:

    Bistro Conwy

    The Manor House Hotel

    Country Antiques & Interiors

    Valley View Farm Bed & Breakfast

    The Old Welsh Cellar

    Tintern Antiques, Parva Farm Vineyard

    Longborough Farm Shop

    Anyone who has the opportunity to eat at any of these places, would you mind coming back here and giving us a review?


    Vicky - really wanting to do a mead pub tour of the UK now....

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