I was just banging through my links to mead sites, and see many have moved (or been dropped), and my links are bad. I'm working on converting every one of the 1200 pages to the new format, and would like to both update and expand the links sections.

Anyone who has new links for the bad ones here:, could you shoot them to me at I'm going to be googling for new ones too, and adding a pile that are in the 'todo' file.

For those of you that never leave the forum - check out the rest of the site. I'll be adding hundreds of new recipes, many more links, and expanded areas for mead-making and troubleshooting, among others.

Also watch for meadery reviews with reviews of their wares and shops (got 2 on the stick to write), a new section for SCA, another new section for the IMA, a story section (thanks, Miriam), a comics section (thanks, LostnBronx), online brewing supplies and honey and herbs, plus a lot more goodies too numerous to mention.

If you have ideas on how I can improve the site, now is the time to tell me. I'd like to incorporate them as I roll out the new design.

I'm goin' full time GotMead, y'all! This is gonna be a wild ride.

Vicky - a regular cesspool of ideas......