Hi all,

I'm planning a store for Gotmead that would have a brew shop, a honey shop, an herb shop, a glassware shop, mugs, mazers, wineracks, mead and other items. It will all be drop-shipped from the various suppliers.

Which makes it complicated, because figuring shipping for such an arrangement is about impossible to do with ease. I'm researching, and am finding that getting such a cart would cost over $1000 by the time the necessary modifications are made.

So, that being said (unless you know a package that *can* do this), I need your feedback:

If I put up such a store, would it be too inconvenient to shop multiple stores for items, honey in one, supplies in another, etc. and have multiple checkouts? Or would you normally say 'this is a pain' and leave?

Please be honest, I have to make some decisions on how to do this, and need to know what y'all would think.