Dear Vickey,

again, I am a total newbe to mead and cider, but determined to learn. However, there are in most small towns via the small business assc. retirede business persons volunteering to help new start ups, and with advice, and links to get gov. grants and secure very cheap loans. They will set up a cost factor,and income factor for you and you will be a shoe in. When they are finished with helping you, you would have a concise idea of your profit potential over expenses for at least a 3 year program, given what you now have, which could expand immensly. Potential is there, absorbe t , enjoy it and use it. Better than a credit card, these programs have super low and longer term interest rates than any credit card compassion. And all this help is free. Again, use and enjoy, as I will also having a one source of ordering. Some of your devoted members are probably quite expert at helping set all this up. Let them do their part. Wish I knew more and could help more. This is cerainly the best site I have ever had the chance to visit or ascribe to. You are superior and superlative. Thankd again for allowing me in. John

PS: also posted to the newbe site which I am, as deep plans needed! Help needed!