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    Here are my latest batches. Sorry for the quality of the pics: http://bottledoct05.mypicgallery.com/

    Freya is a very dry sparkling mel made with wild black raspberries. It still has a few months to go but it is good enough now that I can't keep "sampling" the stuff...As you can see by the glass that I just had to pour for the photo...and drink afterwords of course. The poor lighting and bad picture skills didn't really bring out the nice color all that well.

    Loki's Delight is an orange-ginger-nutmeg mel (dry as well). I was VERY worried about this batch for several reasons. At six months of age and after 1 month on oak, it tastes suprisingly nice. I can't wait to taste it in another six months. (Like I can wait that long.)


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    That looks delicious, do you give out samplers? LOL
    Hope you bring some to the *Mead Mixer* at B3, that is if it's going to happen any time before you run out due to *sampling* and QC data colledtion
    As for the pictures, we get the idea of what you're showing! Try using a fill-in flash or on the newer digitals use the burst flash mode, it workd quite well for me.

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    Very pretty! Nice presentation too -- labels, foil top, etc. Looks good enough to drink (deep, fast, and repeatedly)!


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    Hey Homey,

    Great job on the bottles dude!

    Did you foil by hand or do you have a spinner? Pretty stuff!


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Very Nice Dude,
    Great job...I may have to break out a bottle, your pic made my mouth water...

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    Thanks for the kind feedback, all. It is always good to hear opinions from peers. Seeing the quality packaging put together by other members of this forum has certainly inspired me to step up my game! The images used for the labels were shamelessly borrowed from the net...My mom is a good artist and I am now recruiting her to create custom designs.

    The foils are the slip-on, hand-krinkle type. Cheap, easy and fast.

    Cheers and Peace.

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