I searched but couldnt find any answers/opinions on this.

When using someone elses recipe, how do you normally name it on your bottles. For example, one of my batches I used a recipe called "Barat's Concord Pyment". Since I used his recipe would it be better for me to put that name on the bottles, or since I made it would I put "Geoo's Concord Pyment", or whatever. I know that i can probably do whatever I like, but just wondering what the general opinion on this type of etiquette would be.

To make matters more complicated in this case. I know Barat. I dont want to serve him "Geoo's Concord Pyment" when he knows dern well its recipe. LOL

Actually my questions is more of a general nature. As for this one, I'll just ask him.. but..

Anyways, it might be a silly question.. but just putting a feeler out there.