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Thread: "Pro Restart"

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    Default "Pro Restart"

    I lean about new things all the time here. Oxygenation stones? wow.

    So memento just mentioned "pro restart" in his recent stuck batch.
    I found some info here:
    But I was hoping some one would know more?
    Like will it go above 16% (still plotting to unstick that eau de vie)

    Much apretiated

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    Default Re: "Pro Restart"

    Just posted a link and some comments here:

    Here is some additional information regarding pro-restart DV10:

    and some information on pro-restart QA23:

    Check out the links, they should help to answer some of your questions, and if you have more just post them up!


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    Thank's so much for this info!! I have just ordered some of the pro-start DV10 mentioned. I have a batch that I've tried to restart and was about to give up. It's way too sweet. This is the first time I've had this problem and always ferment to very dry. I'll give a report on the results.

    This is a great forum. I don't post much but do read it alot.

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