Yay! Data is going in, and we're getting the *ALL NEW* Gotmead.com going. Angus is writing the Newbee Guide to Meadmaking (check it out!), Miriam has donated her fab book as a fundraiser, LostnBronx is going to be heading up our new Cartoon section, and several vunderbar, fab folks are toiling to get the *entire* archives of the MLD up on the site (you know who you are, and if I ever get a chance to bottle, yer all getting mead in the mail from this grateful Webwench).

I'm in the process of contacting as many of the old authors from the AMA Journals as I can find, to get reprint permission for their articles, and hope to lure Ken Schramm into penning some stuff for us.

Those of you out there visiting meaderies, let me know, and I'll arm you with questions for an interview, and *I need mead reviews*.

I'll be putting up a beekeeping section, and need folks who know about that stuff to help work out how it should be put together, as I'll be just getting into it later this year, so I'm a total newbee (LOL) in this.

Nows yer chance to tell me what you'd like to see. All the old site data will be transferred, but if you're wanting new, cool articles, nows the time to tell me!

Dan, I don't suppose I could sweet talk you for some of your historical expertise?

Vicky - happy things are working, and going off to *finally* get some sleep (LOL)