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Thread: Metheglin Label

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    Hey folks, I've completely redone my Metheglin label, here's a link,

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    I like it...

    Who is the Ministry?

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    Shhh... We don't talk about the (Ministry).

    What program did you use to create it?

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    All information on third level suspects is classified.


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    Looks nice. I like it.

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    Very nice work!


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    hee hee,
    The Ministry of MEADD is a group of mazers that I started with a couple of my friends.
    We only make Ministry approved recipes, and the only way to get your recipe approved is to give us a bottle for "Testing". heh, I have hopes of one day opening a Meadery and calling it the "Ministry of Mead" as well.

    Used PHotoshop for the label.

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