Advertising? Is it ok? Will you be pissed if I have it on the podcast?

I'm trying to keep GM free, but frankly, it costs a lot of money to keep growing it. So I'm looking at advertising. Now, I will *not* offer up ads from just anyone, but from the homebrewers, honey suppliers, meaderies and other things related to our hobby here.

I'm considering either 1) Selling each show to a single sponsor, i.e. "This edition of the Gotmead Show brought to you by Redstone Meadery", or 2) having 2-3 15 second spots for various advertisers.

The shows will be from 20-30 minutes long (recommended by the Podcast Brothers as the best length to avoid boredom), so it won't be like TV.

So, tell me what you think. Will advertising keep you from listening? Will you maybe be interested to hear the new toys or products that might be offered up?

Gimme your worst, people.

Vicky - listening to just now.....