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Thread: My Elderberry mead label

  1. Default My Elderberry mead label

    This is my second attempt at a label. I'm rather limited in my photoshop knowledge so critiques are welcome. I will be bottling my elderberry next week.

    Thanks for looking,

    [attachment deleted by admin]

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    Nice, simple, and... spooky (on my monitor they look like a hundred eyeballs). Nice label though, suitable for even grandma.



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    Pretty nice label. The berries do sort of look like a bunch of eyeballs to me too.

    One note about the wording on the label. All of your meads do contain sulfites, even if you did not add any. Sulfites are a natural by-product of fermentation. It's been discussed in these forums so if you want more info a search should provide it.


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    I should have caught that... Jay has a good point... "Contains Naturally Occurring Sulfites" is always a good disclaimer for meads you plan on sharing.


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    Well noted. Thanks for mentioning that.

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