Vicky, Happy painting. also re to DVD sales I would die in those fumes this time of year withoughout fresh air and too cold here for that. althought rellatevently warm.
Think of it farther and deeper. Every person I would pass it on to would perhaps become enthusiastic, subscribe to your site, become a member, and a purchaser of your new store and offerings. I won't do it without your permission, but what a great resource and advertisement it would make for this site and your new store. I personally think that with the backing of this forum in your new store concept, and with total dedication and focus on gaining new total newbies like myself, this site could be a potential blockbuster money maker. Focus on the long term, and get forum members to help. There lots of knowledge and experiance out there. You're potential, and growth is so dramatically easily seen with full growth, tis increadable for a new business. Get some knowledgeable people to help and research.

My 2.5 cents worth, whose never tasted a mead, but want to make lots and lots of different kinds of it.

my very best regards and appreciiation for this site. John