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Thread: Second and Third Batches today

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    I'm brewing my second and third batches of mead this afternoon. My first batch was posted under the Newbees forum as "Cyser for Newbies." It had lemon, cinnomon, cider, and star anise. I opted not to go with oak chips and right now, 6 months after bottling, it is Excellent!

    I plan to brew two batches today. One is a naked mead that I may add something to later (dark wildflower honey). Now mead makers can get kind of crazy, I am considering making a potion from soaking finely chopped chantrelle mushrooms in vodka to add to secondary if the potion tastes okay. I got the idea from reading about the use of chantelle shrooms in a German Schnapps (Radical Brewing, Randy Mosher) and their potential for use in beer. Anyway, that potion would be added to secondary or at bottling.

    I will also be brewing a little experimental half gallon batch using a pound of local Gallberry honey that is awesome--light in color but fantastically rich and floral. I will also use a half pound of turbinado sugar, two ounces of frankincense tears, and an ounce of dried lemon balm.

    In anyone's opinion, do either of these recipes stand a chance of tasting any good?

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    Frankincense, hm. I sometimes chew on frankincense tears; it's supposed be good for the teeth and gums. The flavor is resinous...if you like that, you'll like the mead.

    Lemon balm is delicious, of course. But mushrooms, my dear...well, I wouldn't.

    Miriam the Mead Bubeh
    Israeli Kitchen www.mimi54.wordpress.com

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    Yeah, I'm sure it would turn people off if I told them it was a "mushroom mead," but I think the trick is the type of mushroom. Here is the excerpt from Radical Brewing:

    "The chanterelles add an ethereal fruitiness, very delicate and complex."

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    It did not occur to me to munch on one of these "tears," but I am glad I did. I really liked the aroma, but thought it mild, so I was going to dump a full 2 oz. in. Now that I've tried it, I am going to put like a quarter of an ounce in. I like the aroma, but the stuff is verrrry bitter, and resiny, as you said. Thanks for the info.

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