Hi all!

OK, now that we've integrated the forum, please take the time to login to the site here:
<====== The menu to the left has a login spot. If you login there, you will be on both the site *and* the forum. The system needs this to record your forum ID into the main site list. If you've already done this, you should be good.

If not, please do so. The system will ask you to re-login for security, don't panic. This is the step that copies your forum ID to the main site.

If you have an ID here in the forum, and registered separately on the site main area, make sure your passwords and ID's match on both the site and the forum, or when you login to the site, it won't log you into the forum.

If you have an issue with this, email me at gotmead@gotmead.com and we can fix it. Don't tell me here, I need to see it, email is better!

If you have issues with this process, or it gives you trouble, let me know, ok?

Thanks for your attention, I now return you to your regularly scheduled drinking.

Vicky - doing housekeeping