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    HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY, GMers!! Just wanted to say that. This is a major holiday to us Irish. Make sure you green your mead and wear your green. Especially if you are Irish like me. If you are not Irish you can wear green if you want, but it is not necessary. But we Irish appreciate it. One word more. Kiss me because I am Irish!

    May the gods grant you great brews,

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    HAPPY ST PADDY'S to all of ya!!

    Spent some time studying in Ireland!

    Rocko: "Everybody's fucking Irish tonight!!"


    Diving in the Guinness later tonight

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    Hehehe... Going to see a Pogues cover band tonight too

    To quote my boyfriend "Happy 'Being Canadian ain't good enough, I have to pretend I'm Irish' Day!"

    //drinking anyhow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mynx
    Hehehe... Going to see a Pogues cover band tonight too
    Lucky Girl!! Take them Lots of mead so you can get them sloshed enough to perform like the Pogues


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    Sure! If I had any ready!

    I get the feeling they do well enough on their own...with a band name like "Shane's Teeth" I think they have it 'covered'.

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    Beannachtam na Femle Padraig!

    Fad saol agat (long life to you!)

    Ireland is . . .


    Dan McFeeley

    "Meon an phobail a thogail trid an chultur"
    (The people's spirit is raised through culture)

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    Well, I'm Cherokee but I wore green today. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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    I work second and did not get out of work until after 11
    :00. I am enjoying Guiness now! I am on my third.

    May the gods grant you great brews,

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    18Mar06 IT'S HERE!!! IT'S HERE!!! DESI'S DEW MEAD HAS ARRIVED!!! MY FIRST MEAD!!! NEADMEAD NOW HAS MEAD!!! TEN YEARS OF SEARCHING HAS FINALLY PAID OFF!!! I will let everyone know how it turns out. One Dry still mead and a blackberrry still melomel.

    May the gods grant you great brews,

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    To NoLongerNeedsMead,

    Take a deep breath, slowly count to ten and step away from the keyboard before you hurt yourself.


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    It was a long day for this greenblooded "mick"! Started out with a hearty breakfast, and was down at the bar tapping on the window by 9:55. Doors opened by 10, drunk by 10:45. Parade, cute green college girls, wait, how many pitchers is that? No pansy green beer here. Black Bush in the flask, guinness in the pitcher. Lamb stew for lunch. No need to leave the bar. Snakebites! Why am I smoking ciggarettes? Singing. More singing. whoa! almost fell there. Phone is ringing, people must be off work. more drinking. "Lady, come take me home." "mmmm pizza" whoops, that's the floor. "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

    Cheers! Hope you all had a fantasmic Paddy's Day


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    I had to work Paddy's day Eve, so I started the Party the night before with some Jameson's in the boot flask and hit Hero's in Fullerton. Black and tans and some proper corned beef, lots of nubile young college girls flashing for Emerald Green Beads. Life was good! Went until we crossed the midnight barrier and hit St Patrick's day proper and felt good about the whole thing. Ended up with a green thong that I still haven't figured out where it came from


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greenblood
    ... drunk by 10:45.
    10:45 eh? Good job. You really are Irish!!

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    I try to do my part.


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