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Little Mick
08-22-2006, 11:09 PM
Honey heads,
This is my first post on these boards but I have been a long time lurker. I'll keep it short like a new guy should.

I started out with two five-gallon batches of mead, 3 pounds honey = 1 gal. water. After primary fermentation I decided to experiment and create a blackberry melomel. My buddy (who has made good mead) advised me to purchase Oregon Fruit Products: Seedless fruit puree in 49 oz cans. He then advised me to just dump both cans into the must during the initial rack to secondary fermentation.

Do you see anything fatally flawed with this?

Thanks for your time,
Little Mick

08-23-2006, 08:24 AM
Welcome Little Mick,

A previous post (ftp://http://www.gotmead.com/component/option,com_smf/Itemid,159/topic,4267.msg35551/,#msg35551) had some opinions on using Oregon Fruit Puree. The one I used in the primary did not have the most powerful peach flavor, so I actually racked onto whole peach pieces in the secondary. This seems to be the common oppinion amongst those who have used these cans.

Dumping the two cans into the secondary and racking onto them should not cause any problems. Give it a go and post the results up in the Brewlog. Are you thinking of using one can per 5 gallon batch, or using both cans in one 5 gallon batch and leaving the other as a straight Mead?


Little Mick
08-28-2006, 03:22 AM
Thanks for the calming words. I am leaving one batch as straight mead for failsafe reasons. Even if the blackberry turns out bad I'll still have five gal.

Now the puree has mostly separated and risen to the top so that should make for racking ease as I now have the melomel sitting in a food grade plastic tub with a spigot around an inch off the bottom. I just have to keep the puree and sediment out and I should be fine. I am now seriously thinking of racking onto real black berries.

Also I could not get that link to work.