View Full Version : Re: Meadllennium 2007 - 2nd announcement

01-26-2007, 08:23 AM
From an earlier post in this thread:

>>...considering the possibility of having Meadllennium as the first round judging site for the East Coast, and have the Boulder, CO location as the first round for the West Coast Region.<<

At first glance, this does not seem offending, but it does beg the question if both conferences are first round judgings, where's the final round, and who's in charge? I guess whichever conference is scheduled later than the first would hold the final round judging. In order to be fair, the dates of the conferences would have to be coordinated each year to assure Meadllenium isn't always before Meadfest, and vice-versa. Otherwise, one conference will end up always being only first round judging and never host the exciting final round.

Here's an idea...maybe Mr. Schramm would consider bringing back The Mazer Cup, say, every four years. All medal winners from both Meadllenium and Meadfest that year would be invited to compete. That way, each conference has their winners and best of show, but once every four years (like the Olympics) The Mazer Cup rolls around and judges the best of the best. It could reduce the number of entries in The Mazer Cup in order to avoid duplication, but it could add an extra level of excitement in all the winners being judged again.

Oh well, just my thoughts.