View Full Version : Bottles blowing corks

06-12-2007, 03:22 PM
6 weeks ago, I bottled two batches of mead. One was a Dry Plain Mead (15 bottles) and the other was a sweet Peach Melomel (24 Bottles).
I added the appropriate amount of Campden tables 36 hours before bottling to insure fermentation was stopped.

When bottling, I soaked my corks in a glycerine solution to make it easier to insert the corks. I did this on recommendation of my LHBS, because I was complaining about damaged corks during my previous dozen or so batches. All bottles are stored in the basement at about 68 degrees.

My Problem: I've had about 10 bottles blow their corks in the past 2 weeks. From both batches. Is the glycerine reacting with my mead to cause this, or are the corks overlubed? HOW DO I STOP THIS INSANITY? I'm drinking it as fast as I can, but I'm concerned about long term storage for these two batches.

Also, is there a sure way to make certain fermentation is stopped before bottling? Any additives?

06-12-2007, 03:37 PM
You could pick up an enolmatic bottling machine with filter unit, the .25 micron is a sterile filtration and will filter out all yeast and bacteria, so continued fermentation won't be a problem.